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November 5, 1990


couteously contributed to KeelyNet by David Brune
The Tesla Howitzer - by Tom Bearden

Before the turn of the century, Nikola Tesla had discovered and was
utilizing a new type of electric wave. Tesla repeatedly stated his
waves were non-Hertzian, and his wireless transmissions did not
fall off as the square of the distance.

His discovery was apparently so fundamental (and his intent to
provide free energy to all humankind was so clear) that it was
responsible for the withdrawal of his financial backing, his
deliberate isolation, and the gradual removal of his name from the
history books.

By 1914 or so, Tesla had been successfully isolated and was already
nearly a "nonperson." Thereafter Tesla lived in nearly total
seclusion, occasionally surfacing (at his annual birthday party for
members of the press) to announce the discovery of an enormous new
source of free energy, the perfection of wireless transmission of
energy without losses, fireball weapons to destroy whole armies
and thousands of airplanes at hundreds of miles distance, and a
weapon (the "Tesla Shield," I've dubbed it) that could provide an
impenetrable defense and thus render war obsolete.

In my pursuit of Tesla's secret, it gradually became apparent to
me that present orthodox electromagnetic theory is seriously flawed
in some fundamental respects. One of these is in the definition and
use of THETA, the scalar electrostatic potential. It is this error
which has hidden the long-sought Unified Field Theory from the

In the theory of the scalar electrostatic potential (SEP), the idea
is introduced of work accomplished on a charge brought in from a
distance against the scalar field.

The SEP is not a vector field, but is a scalar field. Indeed, scalar
potential cannot of itself perform work on a charged mass due to the
extremely high SEP of the vacuum itself.

Only a differential of SEP between two spatial points can produce
force or accomplish work. (Rigorously, a differential of scalar
potential between two spatial points constitutes a vector. Only a
vector can produce force and do work.)

Also, work can only be done on a mass. Further, it takes TIME to
move an electron or other charged mass between two spatial points,
and so the work performed by a spatial differential of the THETA-

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FIELD requires TIME. Rigorously, the delta SEP is voltage, not SEP
per se, and is directly related to the voltage or "E" field.

The entire voltage concept depends on the work performed in moving a
mass, after that mass has moved. The idea of "voltage" always
implies the existence of a steady differential of THETA between two
spatial points for a finite length of time, and it also involves the
assumption of a flow of actual mass having occurred.

SEP, on the one hand, is always a single-point function; on the
other hand, difference in potential (i.e., V) is always a two point
function, as is any vector.

Yet many graduate level physics and electromagnetics papers and
texts erroneously confuse THETA and V in the static case! Such an
interpretation is of course quite incorrect.

Another common assumption in present EM theory -- that the
electrostatic potential (0,O) of the normal vacuum is zero --has
no legitimate basis.

In fact, we know (0,O) is nonzero because the vacuum is filled with
enormous amounts of fluctuating virtual state activity, including
incredible charge fluctuations. And by virtue of its point
definition, (0,O) must be the "instantaneous stress" on spacetime
itself, and a measure of the intensity of the virtual state flux
though a 4-dimensional spacetime point.

Potential theory was largely developed in the 1800's before the
theory of relativity. Time flowrate was then regarded as immutable.

Accordingly, electrostatic "intensity" was chosen as "spatial
intensity," with the connotation of "spatial flux density." This
assumes a constant, immutable rate of flow of time, which need not
be true at all if we believe relativity.

Such a spatial "point" intensity is actually a "line" in 4-space,
and not a 4-dimensional "point" at all. Thus the spatial potential
-- 0, 3 -- is a very special case of the real spacetime potential --
0,4, or charge -- and electromagnetic theory today is accordingly a
special case of the real 4-space electromagnetism that actually
exists! Note also that charge is a 4-dimensional concept.

Now mass is a spatial, 3-dimensional concept. Rigorously, mass
does not exist in time -- masstime exists in time. Mass and charge
are thus of differing dimensionalities!

Also, according to quantum mechanics, the charge of a particle --
e.g., of an electron -- is due to the continual flux of virtual
particles given off and absorbed by the observable particle of mass.

Thus charge also is conceptually a measure of the virtual flux
density, and directly related to THETA. Further, since the charge
exists in time, it is the charge of a particle of spatial mass that
gives it the property of masstime, or existing in time.

Here a great confusion and fundamental error has been thrown into
the present EM theory by the equating of "charge" and "charged
mass." As we have seen, the two things are really very different
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To speak of a spatial "amount" of charge erroneouslylimits¸the
basic EM theory to a fixed time flowrate condition (which of course
it was considered to be, prior to Einstein's development of

Thus when the limited present theory encounters a "relativistic"
case (where the time flowrate changes), all sorts of extraordinary
corrections must be introduced.

The real problem, of course, is with the fundamental definitions of
electrostatic potential and charge. The spatial "amount" of charge
(i.e., the coulomb), as we presently erroneously use the term, is
actually the spatial amount of observable "charged mass."

To correct the theory, one must introduce the true 4-space SEP and
separate the definitions of charge and charged mass.

Only when a mass is moved does one have work -- and voltage or
vector fields. (The reason one has voltage and E field connected
to a normal electrostatically charged object in the laboratory is
because an excess of charged-particle masses are assembled on the
object, and these masses are in violent motion! A true static
charge would have no E field at all.)

The THETA field need not involve observable mass accumulation, but
only charge (virtual flowrate intensity) accumulation.

Accumulated masses are like so many gallons of water; accumulated
charge is like so much pressure on both the water (space) and the
time in which the water is existing.

Now, if one varies the SEP solely as a point function, one would
have a purely scalar complex longitudinal wave, and not a vector
wave at all. This is the fundamentally new electrical wave that
Tesla discovered in 1899.

Rigorously, all vector fields are two-point functions and thus
decomposable into two scalar fields, as Whittaker showed in 1903.

It follows that any vector wave can be decomposed into two scalar
waves. By implication, therefore, a normal transverse EM vector
wave, e.g., must simply be two coupled scalar (Tesla) waves -- and
these scalars independently would be longitudinal if uncoupled.

An ordinary transverse EM vector wave is thus two pair-coupled
Tesla scalar longitudinal waves, and only a single special case of
the much more fundamental electromagnetics discovered by Nikola

A Tesla (scalar potential) wave -- i.e., a massless wave in pure
0,O, the stress of the spacetime medium -- would have very strange
characteristics indeed.

For one thing, since it moves in a complex 4-space, it has many more
modes of movement than does a simple wave in 3-space.

And for another thing, it need not be bound at all by the speed of
(vector) light. In current theory, one 0,3-field does not directly
interact or couple with other existing 0,3-fields except by simple
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Therefore presently the THETA-field is considered to have no drag
limitation at all, hence infinite velocity. (E.g., as stated in
Jackson's, (Classical Electrodynamics, 2nd edition, page 223.)

Actually, a 0,4-wave can and will interact with some of the other
existing 0,4- waves in the medium transversed, and this interaction
can involve pair- coupling into EM vector fields and waves, an
interaction not presently in the electrodynamics theory.

The result of scalar pair-coupling creates a finite amount of vector
"drag" on the 0,4-wave, so it then has less than infinite velocity.

However, if this drag is small due to limited pair coupling, the
scalar wave's velocity through the slightly dragging medium still
may be far greater than the speed of vector EM waves (light) in

On the other hand, if the pair-coupling is made severe, the THETA-
wave may move at a speed considerably below the speed of vector
light waves in vacuum.

The velocity of the 0,4-wave is thus both variable and controllable
or adjustable (e.g., simply by varying its initial amplitude which
through a given medium changes the percentage of pair-coupling and
hence the degree of drag on the scalar wave.)

The Tesla scalar wave thus can have either subluminal or
superluminal velocity, in contradiction to present theory.

Note that the scalar wave also violates one of Einstein's
fundamental postulates -- for the speed of our "new kind of light"
wave is not limited to c, and need not be the same to every
observer. Thus Tesla scalar waves lead to a new "super-relativity"
of which the present Einstein relativity is only a highly special

But let us now look for some subtle but real examples of scalar
waves and scalar pair-coupling in nature.

As is well known, a tectonic fault zone can provide anomalous
lights, sounds, etc from stresses, piezoelectrical activity, and
telluric currents in the earth and through the fault zone.

In examining the fault zone phenomena, I finally realized that a
fault zone was literally a scalar interferometer -- i.e., if one can
have scalar PHI-waves, they can interfere either constructively or

Their interference, however, produces scalar pair-coupling into
vector EM waves. This coupling may be at a distance from the
interferometer itself, and thus the interferometer can produce
energy directly at a distance, without vector transmission through
the intervening space.

Coupling of THETA waves with the paired scalars comprising ordinary
EM vector waves can also occur. If this triplex coupling forms
additional EM vector waves 180 degrees out of phase, the ordinary EM
wave is diminished or extinguished.


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If the scalar triplex coupling occurs so as to create vector EM
waves, the amplitude of the ordinary vector wave is increased.

Scalar potential waves can thus augment or diminish, or create or
destroy, ordinary EM waves at a distance by pair-coupling
interference under appropriate conditions, and this is in consonance
with the implications of Whittaker's fundamental 1903 work.

An earthquake fault zone is such a scalar interferometer. Stresses
and charge pileups exist in the plates on each side adjacent to the
fault, with stress relief existing in the middle in the fault
fracture itself.

Since the rock is locally nonlinear, the mechanical stresses and
electrical currents in it are also locally nonlinear. This results
in the generation of multiple frequencies of THETA-4-waves from each
side of the fault interferometer, yielding two complex Fourier
expansion patterns of scalar potential waves.

On occasion these two Fourier-transformed scalar wave patterns
couple at a distance to produce stable ordinary electromagnetic
fields in a 3-dimensional spatial pattern --e.g., a stress light
such as the Vestigia light covered in Part I of The Excalibur

Driven by the erratic to scalar Fourier expansion patterns of the
scalar interferometer (whose input stresses normally slowly change),
an erratic, darting, hovering "spooklight" of the variety studied by
Vestigia produced.

As the stresses change in each side of the interferometer, the
distant scalar coupling zone is affected. Thus the stresslight
moves and its form changes, but it may be relatively stable in form
for seconds or minutes.

Since the stresses in the rock may be intense, the stress light may
involve an intense pair or THETA-patterns coupling into the sphere
or ball of vector EM energy. The atoms and molecules of the air in
the region of the coupled stresslight ball thus become highly
excited, giving off radiant energy as the excited states decay.

Since much of the piezoelectric material in the stressed rocks is
quartz, the features of quartz are of particular interest. Each
little quartz is itself highly stressed, and has stress cracks.
It is therefore a little scalar interferometer.

Further, quartz is transparent to infrared and ultraviolet; and the
random orientation of all the quartz scalar interferometers may also
form a Prigogine system far from thermodynamic equilibrium.

If so, this system can tap into highly energetic microscopic
electromagnetic fluctuations to produce large-scale, ordered,
relatively stable patterns of electromagnetic energy at a distance.

In short, all of this lends support to the formation of relatively
stable but somewhat erratic patterns of electromagnetic energy at
a distance from the fault itself.



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In the atmosphere, such scalar interferometers could form in clouds
or even in the air or between clouds and earth.

If so, such rare but occasional "weather" scalar interferometers
could account for the rare phenomenon of ball lightening. The
intense energy of the ball lightening, as compared to the lesser
energy of an earth stress light, could well be due to the enormous
electrical charges between clouds or between cloud and earth,
available to fuel the scalar interferometer. Very probably it is
this phenomenon which gave Tesla the clue to scalar wave

Thus such phenomena as earth stress lights, ball lightening, and
the Tesla system of wireless transmission of energy at a distance
with negligible lasses and at speeds exceeding the speed of light
may be explained. They are complex, however, and involve
fundamental changes to present electromagnetic theory.

These changes include utilizing 4-space scalar electrostatic
potentials, scalar waves, pair coupling, ordinary 3-dimensional
Fourier expansion, the Prigogine effect, and the properties of
piezoelectric materials in rocks.

Since the scalar potential also stresses time, it can change the
rate of flow of time itself. Thus it affects anything which exists
in time -- including the mind, both of the individual and at
various levels of unconsciousness.

Therefore the same functions that result in earth stress lights also
affect mind and thought, and are in turn affected by mind and
thought. This is the missing ingredient in Persinger's theory that
UFO's are correlated with, and a result of, fault zones and earth

While Persinger seems to feel this is a "normal physics"
explanation, it indeed involves a paranormal explanation.

The time-stressing ability of the true THETA scalar wave also
explains the interaction of such earth stress lights with humans
and human intent, as noted by other researchers. (E.g., the lights
that repeatedly seemed to react to the observers, as detailed by
Dr. Harley Rutledge in his epoch-making Project Identification,
Prentice-Hall, 1981.)

These ideas in condensed form comprise the concepts required to
violate the speed of light and produce an ordinary electromagnetic
field at a distance, using scalar interferometry, without losses
-- as Tesla had done in his wireless transmission system which he
had tested prior to 1900 and had perfected by the 1930's.

Scalar interferometry can give stable regions of EM or "light
energy" at a distance without losses, particularly as detailed in
the beautiful Vestigia experiments, and it is within our grasp to
utilize the new effects.

Indeed, any stress crack in a material can result in the scalar
potential interferometer effect. Exophoton and exoelectron emission
-- poorly understood but already known in fatiguing of materials --
must be at least partly due to the scalar interferometer effect.

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However, one additional caution should be advanced. Normal movement
of electrons allows so much "sideplay" movement of the electrons --
and there is so much such sideplay electron motion in the
surrounding vicinity -- that pair coupling is almost instantaneous
for small waves.

Thus orbital electrons in atoms seem to absorb and emit vector EM
photons. Actually they also emit some percentage of scalar waves as

Since a scalar wave is comprised exclusively of disturbance in the
virtual state, it need not obey the conservation of energy law.

Further, a scalar wave of itself does not "push electrons" or other
charges; hence it is nearly indetectable by present detectors.
Ionization detectors such as a Geiger counter tube, e.g., are
exceptions if the scalar wave encountered is fairly strong.

In that case sufficient triplex coupling with the ionized gas occurs
to produce additional ionization or charge, breaching the tube's
cutoff threshold and producing a cascade discharge of electrons and
voltage which is detected.

But weak scalar waves are presently indetectable by ordinary
instruments. However, these small scalar waves are detectable by
sensitive interferometry techniques -- e.g., such as an electron
interferometer. Since the use of such instruments is quite rare,
then indeed we have been living immersed in a sea of scalar waves
without knowing it.

Finally, the percentage of scalar waves produced by changes in
charged mass pileups can be increased by utilizing charged mass
streaming. Essentially the charged masses must be moved suddenly,
as quickly as possible, at or near the complete breakdown of the

For this reason, Tesla utilized sparkgaps in his early transmission
systems, but also found that he could induce ionized media to
"breakdown" in such fashion by a slow growth process.

One of his early patented atmospheric wireless transmission systems
isºbased on this fact. However, it was necessary to use a very high
voltage, insuring extreme stress on the medium and hence some
spillover stress onto time itself.

In other words, THETA-3 is always an approximation; at sufficiently
high spatial stress, sufficient spillover THETA-4 exists to give
Tesla scalar waves.

For this reason, Tesla used very high voltages and extremely sharp
discharges to give "streaming" of the charged masses and thus high
percentages of THETA-4 waves. This suggests that the breakdown of
dielectrics is a much richer phenomenon than is presently allowed
for in the conventional theory.

To summarize, electrostatic potential -- THETA field --is stress
on the spacetime medium at a four-dimensional point. I.e., it is
a sort of pressure on the medium, but pressure on all four
dimensions, not just on the three satial dimensions.

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Thus in the new standard theory, THETA-4 may have complex values.
In addition, a PHI-wave is to be interpreted as a scalar
longitudinal wave in complex spacetime -- directly in THETA-0, the
normal average 4-space stress itself. And charge and charged mass
must be recognized as two separate concepts.

This is the gist of what I finally recognized about Nikola Tesla's
work and fundamental di covery.

This is exciting, for it means that Tesla stress waves can affect
either space or time individually, or both space and time
simultaneously, or even oscillate back and forth between primarily
affecting time and primarily affecting space.

Tesla's waves were actually these THETA-field scalar waves. As such,
they were fundamentally different from ordinary electromagnetic
waves, and had entirely different characteristics, just as Tesla
often stated. E.g., a Tesla wave can either move spatially, with
time flowing linearly; move temporally only (sitting at a point and
waxing and waning in magnitude -- but changing the rate of flow of
time itself in doing so, and affecting gravitational field,
fundamental constants of nature, etc.), or move in a combination of
the two modes.

In the latter case, the Tesla wave moves in space with a very
strange motion -- it oscillates between

(1) spatially standing still and flexing time, and

(2) moving smoothly in space while time flows smoothly and

I.e., it stands at one point (or at one columnar region),
flexing for a moment; then slowly picks up spatial
velocity until it is moving smoothly through space; then
slows down again to a "standing column," etc.

This is Tesla's fabulous "standing columnar wave.

Another wild characteristic of the Tesla wave is that it can affect
the rate of flow of time itself; hence it can affect or change
every other field -- including the gravitational field -- that
exists in time flow.

It can also affect all universal constants, the mass of an object,
the inertia of a body, and the mind and thoughts as well!

All of these exist in the flow of time, and they are affected if the
time stream in which they exist is affected.

This was the awful secret that Tesla partially discovered by 1900,
and which he came more and more to fully realize as he pursued it
nature and its ramifications into the 1920's and 1930's.

Tesla also found he could set up standing THETA-field waves through
the earth. He in fact intended to do so, for he had also discovered
that all charges in the highly stressed earth regions in which such
a standing wave existed produced THETA-fields which would feed
(kindle) energy into the standing THETA-field wave by pair coupling.

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I.e., normal vector field energy would "assemble" onto the scalar
matrix wave by means of pair-coupling. Thus by transmitting a
scalar wave into the earth, he could easily tap the fiery scalar
fields produced in the molten core of the planet itself, turning
them into ordinary electromagnetic energy.

In such case, a single generator would enable anyone to put up a
simple antenna and extract all the free energy they desired.

When Tesla's alarmed financial backers discovered this was his real
intent, they considered him a dangerous madman and found it
necessary to ruthlessly stop his at all costs. And so his financial
support was withdrawn, he was harassed in his more subtle patent
efforts (and the patents themselves were adulterated), and his name
gradually was removed from all the electrical textbooks.

By 1914 Tesla, who had been the greatest inventor and scientist in
the world, had become essentially a nonperson.

A few other persons in the early 1900's also were aware that
potential and voltage are different. And some of them even learned
to utilize Tesla's PHI- field, even though they only vaguely
understood they were utilizing a fundamentally different kind of
electromagnetic wave.

For example, James Harris Rogers patented an undersea and
underground communications system which Tesla later confirmed
utilized Tesla waves.

The U.S. secretly used the Rogers communications system in World War
I to communicate with U. S. submarines underwater, and to
communicate through the earth to the American Expeditionary Force
Headquarters in Europe.

The Rogers system was declassified after the War -- and very shortly
after that, it had mysteriously been scrubbed off the face of the

Again, potential stress waves -- Tesla waves -- were eliminated and

Probably the most brilliant inventor and researcher into Tesla's
electromagnetics was T. Henry Moray of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dr. Moray actually succeeded in tapping the limitless zero-point
energy of vacuum (spacetime) itself. By 1939, Dr. Moray`s amplifier
contained 29 stages and its output stage produced 50 kilowatts of
power from vacuum.

Interestingly, another 50 kilowatts could be tapped off any other
stage in the device -- which consequently could have produced almost
1.5 megawatts of electrical power! Dr. Moray`s epoch-making work
was suppressed also.

His device -- which represented over 20 years of heartbreaking
accumulation of 29 working tubes from thousands made -- was
destroyed by a Soviet agent in 1939, but not before the agent had
obtained the drawing for building the tubes and the device itself.


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Today the Moray amplifier is a standard component of many of the
Soviet secret superweapons and Tesla weapons.

In the 20`s and 30`s, Tesla announced the final perfection of his
wireless transmission of energy without losses -- even to
interplanetary distances.

In several articles (e.g., H. Winfield Secor, "Tesla Maps Our
Electrical Future," Science and Invention, Vol. XVII, No. 12, pp.
1077, 1124-1126), Tesla even revealed he used longitudinal stress
waves in his wireless power transmission.

Quoting from the article,

"Tesla upholds the startling theory formulated by him long
ago, that the radio transmitters as now used, do not emit
Hertz waves, as commonly believed, but waves of sound."

"He says that a Hertz wave would only be possible in a
solid ether, but he has demonstrated already in 1897 that
the ether is a gas, which can only transmit waves of sound;
that is such as are propagated by alternate compressions and
rarefactions of the medium in which transverse waves are
absolutely impossible."

The wily Tesla did not reveal, of course, that such scalar waves
nearly always immediately pair-coupled into vector waves when
produced by normal means. Tesla himself was working with
longitudinal scalar waves.

In the 1930`s Tesla announced other bizarre and terrible weapons: a
death ray, a weapon to destroy hundreds or even thousands of
aircraft at hundreds of miles range, and his ultimate weapon to end
all war -- the Tesla shield, which nothing could penetrate.

However, by this time no one any longer paid any real attention to
the forgotten great genius. Tesla died in 1943 without ever
revealing the secret of these great weapons.

Unfortunately, today in 1981 the Soviet Union has long since
discovered and weaponized the Tesla scalar wave effects.

Here we only have time to detail the most powerful of these
frightening Tesla weapons -- which Brezhnev undoubtedly was
referring to in 1975 when the Soviet side at the SALT talks suddenly
suggested limiting the development of new weapons "more frightening
than the mind of man had imagined."

One of these weapons is the Tesla Howitzer recently completed at the
Saryshagan missile range and presently considered to be either a
high energy laser or a particle beam weapon. (See Aviation Week &
Space Technology, July 28, 1980, p. 48 for an artist's conception.)

The Saryshagan howitzer actually is a huge Tesla scalar
interferometer with four modes of operation.

One continuous mode is the Tesla shield, which places a thin,
impenetrable hemispherical shell of energy over a large defended
area. The 3-dimensional shell is created by intefering two Fourier-

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expansion, 3-dimensional scalar hemispherical patterns in space so
they pair-couple into a dome-like shell of intense, ordinary
electromagnetic energy.

The air molecules and atoms in the shell are totally ionized and
thus highly excited, giving off intense, glowing light

Anything physical which hits the shell receives an enormous
discharge of electrical energy and is instantly vaporized -- it goes
pfft! like a bug hitting one of the electrical bug killers now so
much in vogue.

If several of these hemispherical shells are concentrically stacked,
even the gamma radiation and EMP from a high altitude nuclear
explosion above the stack cannot penetrate all the shells due to
repetitive absorption and re-radiation, and scattering in the
layered plasmas.

In the continuous shield mode, the Tesla interferometer is fed by
a bank of Moray free energy generators, so that enormous energy is
available in the shield. A diagram of the Saryshagan-type Tesla
howitzer can be seen in drawing TESLA-1. TESLA-2 shows the Tesla
shield produced by the howitzer.

In the pulse mode, a single intense 3-dimensional scalar Theta-field
pulse form is fired, using two truncated Fourier transforms, each
involving several frequencies, to provide the proper 3-dimensional
shape (TESLA-3). This is why two scalar antennas separated by a
baseline are required.

After a time delay calculated for the particular target, a second
and faster pulse form of the same shape is fired from the
interferometer antennas.

The second pulse overtakes the first, catching it over the target
zone and pair-coupling with it to instantly form a violent EMP of
ordinary vector (Hertzian) electromagnetic energy.

There is thus no vector transmission loss between the howitzer and
the burst.

Further, the coupling time is extremely short, and the energy will
appear sharply in an "electromagnetic pulse (EMP)" striking similar
to the 2-pulsed EMP of a nuclear weapon.

This type is what actually caused the mysterious flashes off the
southwest coast of Africa, picked up in 1979 and 1980 by Vela

The second flash, e.g., was in the infrared only, with no visible
spectrum. Nuclear flashes do not do that, and neither does super-
lightening, meteorite strikes, meteors, etc.

In addition, one of the scientists at the Arecibo Ionospheric
Observatory observed a gravitational wave disturbance -- signature
of the truncated Fourier pattern and the time- squeezing effect of
the Tesla potential wave -- traveling toward the vicinity of the


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The pulse mode may be fed from either Moray generators or -- if the
Moray generators have suffered their anomalous "all fail"
malfunction -- ordinary explosive generators. Thus the Tesla
howitzer can always function in the pulse mode, but it will be
limited in power if the Moray generators fail.

In the continuous mode, two continuous scalar waves are emitted --
one faster than the other -- and they pair-couple into vector
energy at the region where they approach an in-phase condition.

In this mode, the energy in the distant "ball" or geometric region
would appear continuously and be sustained -- and this is Tesla's
secret of wireless transmission of energy at a distance without

It is also the secret of a "continuous fireball" weapon capable of
destroying hundreds of aircraft or missiles at a distance.

The volume of the Tesla fireball can be vastly expanded to yield
a globe which will not vaporize physical vehicles but will deliver
and EMP to them to dud their electronics.

A test of this mode has already been witnessed, See Gwyne Roberts,
"Witness to a Super Weapon?, the London Sunday Times, 17 August 1980
for several tests of this mode at Saryshagan, seen from Afghanistan
by British TV cameraman and former War Correspondent Nick Downie.

If the Moray generators fail anomalously, then a continuous mode
limited in power and range could conceivably be sustained by
powering the interferometer from more conventional power sources
such as advanced magneto-hydrodynamic generators.

Typical strategic ABM uses of Tesla weapons are shown in Tesla-4.

In addition, of course, smaller Tesla howitzer systems for anti-
tactical ballistic missile defense of tactical troops and
installations could be constituted of more conventional field
missile systems using paired or triplet radars, of conventional
external appearance, in a scalar interferometer mode.

With Moray generators as power sources and multiply deployed reentry
vehicles with scalar antennas and transmitters, ICBM reentry systems
now can become long range "blasters" of the target areas, from
thousands of kilometers distance (TESLA-5).

Literally, "Star Wars" is liberated by the Tesla technology. And
in air attack, jammers and ECM aircraft now become "Tesla blasters."

With the Tesla technology, emitters become primary fighting
components of stunning power.

The potential peaceful implications of Tesla waves are also
enormous. By utilizing the "time squeeze" effect, one can get
antigravity, materialization and dematerialization, transmutation,
and mind boggling medical benefits.

One can also get subluminal and superluminal communication, see
through the earth and through the ocean, etc. The new view of
Theta-field also provides a unified field theory, higher orders of

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reality, and a new super-relativity, but detailing these
possibilities must wait for another book.

With two cerebral brain halves, the human being also has a Tesla
scalar interferometer between his ears. And since the brain and
nervous system processes avalanche discharges, it can produce (and
detect) scalar Tesla waves to at least a limited degree.

Thus a human can sometimes produce anomalous spatio-temporal effects
at a distance and through time. This provides an exact mechanism
for psychokinesis, levitation, psychic healing, telepathy,
precognition, postcognition, remote viewing, etc.

It also provides a reason why an individual can detect a "stick" on
a radionics or Hieronymus machine (which processes scalar waves),
when ordinary detectors detect nothing.

Unfortunately there is not room to develop the implications of this
human Tesla interferometry in detail, for that must wait for yet
another book, presently in its initial stages, that Hal Crawford and
I are writing.

At the July 1981 U.S. Psychotronics Association's Annual Conference
in Dayton, Ohio, I presented the first rough paper on the Tesla
secret and scalar interferometry.

A videotape of the presentation was made and will shortly be
available. I am also scheduled to make a special presentation at
the Alternate Energy Conference in Toronto, Canada in latter
October, 1981. A professional, videotaped two-hour presentation on

this subject is also being prepared. Wide distribution of the
material through the international underground physics and
technology network has already been made. This time, God willing,
Tesla's secret will not be suppresses for another 80 years!

And perhaps it is not yet too late. The material has cost me (now)
some 16 years of agonizing labor and nearly $100,000 of my own
personal funds.

No orthodox university, scientific group, foundation, or
governmental agency would support such an effort, either financially
or otherwise.

Indeed, most ordinary journals will not even accept material on such
matters. Nonetheless, the area is of overwhelming importance -- and
I truly believe Tesla's lost secret will shortly affect the lives of
every human being on earth.

Perhaps with the free and open release of Tesla`s secret, the
scientific and governmental bureaucracies will be shocked awake
from their slumber, and we can develop defense before Armageddon

Perhaps there is hope after all -- for even Brezhnev, in his strange
July, 1975 proposal to the SALT talks, seemed to reveal a perception
that a turning point in wear and weaponry may have been reached, and
that human imagination is incapable of dealing with the ability to
totally engineer reality itself.

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Having tested the weapons, the Soviets must be aware that the ill-
provoked oscillation of time flow affects the minds and thoughts --
and the very life streams and even the collective species
unconsciousness -- of all life forms on earth.

They must know that these weapons are two-edged swords, and that the
backlash from their use can be far more terrible to the user than
was the original effect to his victim.

If we can avoid the Apocalypse, the fantastic secret of Nikola Tesla
can be employed to cure and elevate man, not kill him.

Tesla's discovery can eventually remove every conceivable external
human limitation. If we humans ourselves can elevate our
consciousness to properly utilize the Tesla electromagnetics, then
Nikola Tesla -- who gave us the electrical twentieth century in the
first place -- may yet give us a fantastic new future more shining
and glorious than all the great scientists and sages have imagined.


Part II

Reference Articles for Solutions to Tesla's Secrets


The Electrical Engineer - London Dec. 24, 1909, p. 893


Mr. Nikola Tesla has announced that as the result of experiments
conducted at Shoreham, Long Island, he has perfected a new system
of wireless telegraphy and telephony in which the principles of
transmission are the direct opposite of Hertzian wave transmission.

In the latter, he says, the transmission is effected by rays akin
to light, which pass through the air and cannot be transmitted
through the ground, while in the former the Hertz waves are
practically suppressed and the entire energy of the current is
transmitted through the ground exactly as though a big wire.

Mr. Tesla adds that in his experiments in Colorado it was shown
that a very powerful current developed by the transmitter traversed
the entire globe and returned to its origin in an interval of 84
one-thousandths of a second, this journey of 24,000 miles being
effected almost without loss of energy.


NEW YORK TIMES Dec. 8, 1915, p. 8, col. 3


He Seeks to Patent Wireless Engine for
Destroying Navies by Pulling a Lever.
To Shatter Armies Also.

"Impractical," He says of Westerner's Plan to Circle Country with
Electric Fire.
Page 14



Nikola Tesla, the inventor, winner of the 1915 Nobel Physics Prize,
has filed patent applications on the essential parts of a machine
the possibilities of which test a layman's imagination and promise
a parallel of Thor's shouting thunderbolts from the sky to punish
those who angered the gods.

Dr. Tesla insists there is nothing sensational about it, that it is
but the fruition of many years of work and study. He is not yet
ready to give the details of the engine which he says will render
fruitless any military expedition against a country which possesses

Suffice to say that the destructive invention will go through space
with a speed of 300 miles a second, and manless airship without
propelling engine or wings, sent by electricity to any desired point
on the globe on its errand of destruction, if destruction its
manipulator wishes to effect.

Ten miles or a thousand miles, it will be all the same to the
machine, the inventor says. Straight to the point, on land or on
sea, it will be able to go with precision, delivering a blow that
will paralyze of kill, as is desired.

A man in a tower on Long Island could shield New York against ships
or army by working a lever, if the inventor's anticipations become

"It is not the time," said Dr. Tesla yesterday, "to go into the
details of this thing. It is founded on a principle that means
great things in peace, it can be used for great things in war. But
I repeat, this is no time to talk of such things.

"It is perfectly practicable to transmit electrical energy without
wires and produce destructive effects at a distance. I have already
constructed a wireless transmitter which makes this possible, and
have described it in my technical publications, among which I may
refer to my patent 1,119,732 recently granted.

With transmitters of this kind we are enabled to project electrical
energy in any amount to any distance and apply it for innumerable
purposes, both in peace and war.

Through the universal adoption of this system, ideal conditions for
the maintenance of law and order will be realized, for then the
energy necessary to the enforcement of right and justice will be
normally productive, yet potential, and in any moment available, for
attack and defense.

The power transmitted need not be necessarily destructive, for, if
existence is made to depend upon it, its withdrawal or supply will
bring about the same results as those now accomplished by force of

Dr. Tesla then said that it would be possible with his wireless
mechanism to direct an ordinary aeroplane, manless, to any point
over a ship or an army, and to discharge explosives of great
strength from the base of operations.

Asked to express an opinion upon the announcement last Sunday of

Page 15



Charles H. Harris, and electrical engineer of Los Angeles, that he
would be able to surround this country with an electrical wall of
fire in time of war, Dr. Tesla gave it as his opinion that Mr.
Harris was not practical.

"It is hard to stamp as impossible such results as those described
in the press dispatches to which you refer. Granted, however, that
the project is feasible, it would take more than all the motive
power obtainable in the United States to throw a wall of fire
around the country.

In fact, even the passage of small currents at considerable
distances through air consumes a great deal of energy on account of
the immense pressure required.

So, for instance, in lightening discharges, energy may be delivered
at the rated of billions of horsepower, though the currents are of
smaller volume than those developed by electrical generators in our
power houses."




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