Undocumented aliens arrive from outer space.
I saw one in the bushes with a funny-looking face.
The papers say they're coming from some place in Mexico,
but I have seen them jump out from a giant UFO!
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The Pentagon is worried about alien attacks.
Some people tell me aliens have liquid on their backs!
They went to Mars in search of them but could not find a trace.
One immigration lawyer flew to Venus on a case.

The INS is frantic, and they don't know what to do.
They're handing out those green cards, but some aliens are blue!
Red alert is on, and there's an awful lot of fuss -
Rumors say that aliens look just like some of us!

Undocumented aliens are roaming around wild.
One could be your governor - another one your child!
With eighteen federal files on every native motorist,
they'd better find those aliens and add them to the list!

- Tarjei Straume, Phoenix 1981


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