The stars will fade when this night is gone.
You'll all awake from your sleep at dawn.
The sun will be watching the futures you'll spawn.
The stage is set and the lines are drawn.
You'll each pick a bishop, a king, or a pawn,
dear Children of Tomorrow.

Don't fear the lions; watch out for the mice.
Resist too much pressure and throw your own dice.
Be hotter than fire and colder than ice.
When Yesterday's Youth speaks of virtue and vice,
Hearken, but don't ever trust their advice,
dear Children of Tomorrow.

Called by Life and granted birth
Appointed heirs to Planet Earth
Sufferers through strife and dearth
Conquerors by wit and mirth
They'll face the world for what it's worth:
Our Children of Tomorrow.

When to us they're drinking Yesterday's toast,
Get Brilliant Compensation & What the Wealthy Buy on Pay Day
They'll laugh at us and smugly boast
from land to land, from coast to coast.
I'd like to attend like a lingering ghost
and meet eye to eye with your party host,
my Children of Tomorrow!

Challenging menaces elders fear,
Creating havoc everywhere
When the moon is high, I can see and hear
that approaching army loud and clear:
Soon after sundown, the time is near
for the Children of Tomorrow!

- Tarjei Straume, Phoenix 1980

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