Once upon a timo
amidst the dirt and grimo
and chicken cooked a-primo
with mission bells a-chimo
and plenty petty crimo
by guys without a dimo
took place this tale of rhymo:

The pioneer Paul Pino
was feeling fresh and fino
when he danced down to the dino
where he asked a bald albino
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and a semi-senile Sino
if they´d watched that whining wino
who´d forfeited his fino
come leaping off the lino
and charge straight through the dino
on a roaring, raging rhino??!!!

The semi-senile Sino
beheld the bald albino
before he peered at Pino
and answered on a high note:
"Good Heavens, how would I know?"

- Tarjei Straume, Los Angeles 1982


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