Sometimes a young man gets lonely and blue
and accumulates forces he needs to get through.
That's just how I felt when I ran into Sue.
But how do you gesture to somebody new
whom you ain´t seen before and you doesn´t know you
without making a dirty man´s blunder?

I said, "Listen, dear sweetheart, I want you so bad,
´cause your red lips and figure are driving me mad!"
I expected her face to go scornful or sad,
but she smiled and said gently, "Don´t worry, my lad
I'm horny myself, and it's long since I´ve had
a fella so hot to lie under."

As our clothes fall apart and we turn off the lights
to indulge in a series of lovemaking rites,
With an energy beating all previous nights,
she answers my kisses, caresses and bites
till our mutual desire is reaching new heights
and transmuting my fire to thunder.

I mount her with vibrant and feverish glee
while her soft arms and legs are encompassing me
thus arousing my ancient desire to be
that fast all night rider, ferocious and free,
commencing a fierce, wild, and devastating spree
that will blow our frail minds asunder.

My organ´s grown huge, and she´s frantic and hot
as I´m conquering every obsession she´s got,
and with each motion, satab, thrust, maneuver, and shot,
she screams, yells and twists, groans and moans quite a lot;
Then she mumbles, "Keep goin´, and don't ever stop,
because this is my favorite leisure!"

Her wet tongue is burroughing deep in my ear,
her heels are grinding me rough on the rear
and her fingernails stabbing my buttucks so bare,
and I´m changing my pace into top speed gear
as she whispers, "I want you to come, my dear!"
and the rhythm is now beyond measure.

My load is only a half jerk from fate,
not a second too soon, and far from too late.
We're banging along at a neck-breaking rate,
I'm forcefully pumping my luscious date,
We're lost in a dream, and my deluge is great
as we plunge into riots of pleasure.

When we´re audibly gasping for air on the bed,
this poetry enters the thoughts in my head
to identify lucky conditions that led
to a ride and a climax so strong that the Dead
(whose voices we heard from the Deep whence we fled)
all begged us to ease off the pressure!

- Tarjei Straume, Los Angeles 1976



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