Johnny and the Mortals

Some mortal men stand up to preach
convinced that they can firmly teach
all souls and minds and living creatures
eternal truths with all their features.

"The multiple secrets of the universe
shall explode, dazzle, rain, disperse!"
Because too many mortals just can't wait to see
the Ultimate Climax of Infinity.

Humility, patience, and trust in truth
all seem to be buried with yesterday's youth.
"Come End of the World before we retire!
Now is the time for eternal fire!"

Johnny grew weary of waiting for Doom
and through astral projection flew out of his room.
He slipped out of Earth to the Threshold of Light
and banged on its gates with all of his might.

"Angels Only," is what he was told.
He said, "Wasn't I promised the City of Gold?"
"That's true," said the sentinel beaming with love,
"But you´re still much too human to enter above."

Johnny was puzzled and mumbled, "Well,
since they won´t let me in, I´ll be goin´ to Hell."
So he fled to the sphere of demonic reign,
which he figured must be his intended domain.

But the harsh voice of Death, much colder than ice,
said, "Before you come here, you must serve only Vice!
Demons more dreadful than any crude mortal
are the only ones worthy to enter this portal."

Johnny flew back to his body on Earth;
he lived till he died, and he slept till rebirth.
He´s observing those mortals expecting to be
gods, angels, or demons immediately.

Most people on earth today cannot recall
their experience prior to birth at all
Yet they all keep insisting to know all things
that existence beyond their transition brings!

- Tarjei Straume, Phoenix 1978


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