Opinions build a mental wall
so arrogant and proud.
Each one of them, however small,
is always carried loud.

Religious or political,
rational or strange -
Opinions are all typical
of narrow thinking range.

My opinion is my manner
which i claim is big and true:
You'd better wave my banner,
or I'll wage a war on you!

My neighbor paid his lawyer's fee
to sue his younger brother.
They did agree on one idea
but differed on another.

The mood is often dark and glum
in mental institutions
where many patients suffer from
beliefs and firm conclusions.

Never mind your daily deeds:
Good, evil, false, or true
But what's the life your neighbor leads,
and what ought he to do?

Spy upon your fellow man
to get some information.
Lobby your opinions and
create more legislation.

Label your afflicted brain
with stickers on your car,
or drive some drunken slob insane
with tirades in a bar.

Write your editorials
and sign your name to that!
print them on memorials
and read them to your cat!

Make a list of what they are
in case you should forget.
Stuff'em in your cookie jar!
Repeat'em to your pet!

Agree and disagree
with every loudmouth in the land.
Post it up so all can see,
and sing it with the band!

Pass them out in shopping malls
to those less resolute.
Scrawl on public toilet walls
in words of ill repute.

They come in all varieties
through cults and institutions,
churches and societies
with claims and resolutions.

Subscribe to my philosophy,
and I'll subscribe to yours.
I'll trade my anthroposophy
for yet another course.

I'll stake you my mentality
and play you twenty-one;
And if I win Reality,
I'm sure that will be fun.

No cards are dealt before you bet
with eyes all fixed on you.
Let's see your superstructured set
of precious points of view.

Don't think it is the very end
if you should lose that heap.
You'll fill the vacuum fast, my friend
Opinions come so cheap!

- Tarjei Straume, Phoenix 1982

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