The Heretic's Song

Oh self-righteous Christians who pester Mother Earth
by apponting themselves Guardians of Doom and Quick Rebirth:
Devoid of inner vision, they scream out to prophesize
and call themselves "The Saved Ones" because they read and memorize.

As selected quotes keep blinding them from laws of life revealed,
their minds cannot decipher myths and mysteries concealed.
Much too scared to think alone, and too nerved up for meditations,
they bar themselves from seeing true designs in God's creations.

They appoint themselves His Judges, endowed with imaginary keys
to open the gates of Heaven and Hell and determine our destinies.
Behind psychic soundproof walls they mumble Amen» all day long
and pray for huge white wings to show off high above the throng.

They have the nerve to sentence us to Everlasting Hell
because we will not kneel before their panic-stricken yell.
What freak made them imagine I'm insulting Heaven's Crown
when I say their show would better fit some wacky circus clown?

They're forgetting where it's written that the blind can't lead the blind,
that the meek will inherit the earth, and that whoever seeks will find.
But while they're so conceited and mankind so much despise,
they think that soon their flattered selves shall enter Paradise.

God's gracious clans that each demands the title of Elect
and hope the world will burst to flatter one self-righteous sect:
They all forget Narcissus, though he played a different role -
Reflected in the water was his body, not his soul.




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