Silence is my refuge.
Silence is my lair.
Silence is my weapon
against those who want to hear.

Silence is a mystery.
Silence is a key.
Silence teels you what it means
to be or not to be.

Silence is a master.
Silence reigns in space.
If you learn to conquer Silence,
it could be your hidden ace.

Silence harbors secrets
that Jesus taught his friends.
Through contemplative Silence
speaks the Word that never ends.

Silence is your sanctuary.
Silence helps you think.
Silence bears the Book of Life
inscribed in golden ink.

Silence is a language
to those with silent ears.
Silent speech is eloquent
to him who really hears.

Silence was your utterance
before you caught your breath.
Your language will be Silence
when you pass the Gate of Death.

When I got to know my Silence
When I learned to hold my tongue,
I realized what I'd never known:
That Silence always sung!

- Tarjei Straume, Los Angeles 1982


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