A son of a bitch and a son of a gun
When a gun shot a bitch and the bitch got a son
When the bitch and the gun became mama and pa
to a kid with a gun-dad and bitch as a ma.

So a son of a bitch and a son of a gun
have so much in common, they have to be one:
A notorious creature with parents too wild
to produce the resemblance of any nice child.

When the gun's deadly bullet entered the womb
of the moonlight-bitch by the graveyard-tomb,
The growling, cursed female conceived of a boy
whose playmates were rats, and a skull was his toy.

When the Devil selected the cruellest bitch
to give birth to an infant she dropped in a ditch,
The steel-coated bullet, ice cold and firm,
was simply a drop from the Devil's sperm.

The bastard grew up with thousands of names,
and his exploits created unsavory fames.
All witnesses hereto have solemnly sworn
they observed that the Son of the Devil was born.

He´s not easy to see, but he´s lurking around.
Call one of his names, and he´s there to be found.
When the Lord picked a virgin to bear Him a Son,
the Devil's response was a bitch and a gun.

- Tarjei Straume, Las Vegas 1978



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