Rudolf Steiner Enters my Life

Born on 5 October 1872, in South Germany, Dr Friedrich Rittelmeyer was a leading figure in the Lutheran Church at the beginning of the century. At a time when belief in the authenticity of the Gospels was fast diminishing, he was one of the pioneers who rediscovered their abiding significance through a meditative approach. The dramatic turning-point in his life was the meeting with Rudolf Steiner, through whose spiritual science he encountered a new world of thought. Devotion to this new wisdom brought to him a greater, more uplifted understanding of Christianity.

In 1922, he sacrificed an eminent position as churchman to lead The Christian Community, an international movement for religious renewal founded with the co-operation of Rudolf Steiner. He died on 23 March 1938, in the course of a sustained spiritual battle against the gathering powers of darkness.


Friedrich Rittelmeyer

Rudolf Steiner Enters my Life

Translated by D S Osmond

Originally published in German under the title Meine Lebensbegegnungen mit Rudolf Steiner by Verlag Urachhaus in 1928. First published in English 1929, fourth edition 1963 by the Christian Community Press. Reprinted 1982 by Floris Books, Edinburgh.

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Rudolf Steiner Enters My Life