WC bullshit about me from Lisa Ercolano

The bullshit from Waldorf Critics knows no limits. Here is a post from Lisa Ercolano,  Jul 26, 2002, entitled "Mike & Tarjei":



Mike & Tarjei

Lisa Ercolano

Mike, come to think of it, portions of your post "Motive and Intent" sound just like our old friend, Uncle Taz, otherwise known as "Tarjei."

Are you allowing Uncle to use you are a ventriloquist, Mike? If so, shame on you. You should not let anyone turn you into a puppet! We want to hear what YOU think, and not what the Anthro Establishment (such as it is) is telling you to think.

Mind control, mind control, mind control: can you say it three times, fast? <g>

Reminds me of the old days (note I did not say "the good old days!") when I was a Waldorf parent, and people were constantly trying to tell me what to think.

Yours in freedom of thought,



This is absolutely fascinating. Here is a person I have never corresponded or communicated with or met, whose mind I am supposed to be controlling!

Lisa is referring to a post where Mike Helsher calls PLANS a "misanthropic tea party" - an expression he has apparently borrowed from an old article of mine entitled "The Anthropop Strikes Back" (http://www.uncletaz.com/allegations.html)

But look at Lisa Ercolano's mantra here: "Mind control, mind control, mind control." Something is obviously very, very wrong with these people. They haven't been taking their homeopathic medicines lately. They don't believe in medicines.

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