Adolf Hitler's Reading Technique

When the "Waldorf Critics" kept suggesting a connection between Anthroposophy and Nazism, I found it necessary to repeat a post I had made to after seeing how Christians and Darwinists were blaming each other's ideologies for Hitler and the holocaust. It's based upon something I read in Gerald Suster's book "Hitler: Black Magician."

It shows that just about anyone or anything alive or in existence prior to the 1930's can be accused of having fuelled Nazism and the Holocaust.


From: Tarjei Straume
Subject: Adolf Hitler's reading technique
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 10:52:32 +0100

My fellow subscribers,

About a year ago, there was a long, long thread on where a Christian fundamentalist, who argued for the validity of "creation science," endeavored to establish that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution was in some responsibility for the Holocaust. Here is my contribution to the thread in question, which was entitled "Evolution, Religion, and National Socialism":

"It's totally ridiculous and ignorant to make Hitler and the Holocaust into an ethical-ideological football in the evolution/creation "controversy". A year and a half ago, I wrote a long article about Nazi occultism for our anarchist magazine Gateavisa ( after extensive research on the subject. I covered most of their sciences, pseudo-sciences, religious rituals and beliefs, and their ideology.

"What has to be understood in this context is that Adolf Hitler developed a very special reading technique when he was in prison - a method of study which in his case proved remarkably effective. He ensured his readers in "Mein Kampf" that it was his habit to resort to books if he wanted to solve a problem. He insisted that his method of reading, better than any other, consisted of "remembering the essential and forgetting the unessential completely". In practice, this meant defining what is essential, which in the case of Adolf Hitler did not entail logical analysis, but an intuitive and emotional process of comprehension, which he skillfully united with whatever appealed to his own prejudices.

"From Schopenhauer he took fatalism and the idea of the will, but he forgot the Buddhism and the pessimism. From Nietzsche he took the concept of evolution, the will to power, and the Übermensch, but he forgot that this Übermensch should not conquer his fellow man, but himself. He took from Wagner the racism, heroism, and paganism, but he forgot the Arianized Christianity. Further, he took from Helena Blavatsky (the pioneer of spiritual evolution) and other occultists what he wanted and conveniently forgot everything that did not harmonize with his own world view.

"With this in mind, it should be self-evident what a hopeless waste of time and energy it is to blame Nazism on all kinds of pre-Nazi sources of knowledge, ideology, philosophy, and religion."

It goes without saying that Darwin and Steiner share the same boat here, and it is very interesting that Dan Dugan has indeed recruited Christian fundamentalists to support his campaign (Watchman Fellowship).




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